Forced Sale

- Goodchild Abattoirs, Parkfield, WA 6233

For Sale

Dual Species Abattoir- 100kw of solar power- Liquidators appointed

In liquidation acting under instruction from the Liquidators.
Currently certified for domestic supply
- Long established business with everything required to commence operations almost immediately.
- Well located to Bunbury in the heart of a prime lamb and cattle grazing region.
- Fitted with beef and sheep chains and chiller facilities for both. Chiller capacity for 1,500 sheep and 200 cattle or 3,000 sheep only.
- Large undercover yards with specification pens for contract kills or mixed types suit sheep and cattle.
- Built and designed to comply with Halal requirements.
- Self sufficient water supplies with a 75,000 kl water license plus RO plant .
This presents as an opportunity to secure an abattoir that was fully operational until only a few weeks ago with the ability to process both sheep and cattle for the domestic market. An audit has been conducted to obtain Tier 1 export accreditation and from the information provided the work required is not onerous. The facility had approvals and accreditation's required to recommence operations subject to ongoing compliance. Management and staff are available subject to individual...